Bentley Driving 2012 - Ordos



Bentley Motors is a definitive British luxury car company dedicated to developing the world's most desirable high performances cars. To cope with its latest business stately to expand the Chinese market with plans for aggressive growth, it is of great importance for Bentley to provide consistent and positive track-based driving experiences that is far reaching and being most visible in China. Concepts, acting as the business partner of Bentley to organize track driving events, we support Bentley with the unique set of Challenges that this market presents, from the logistics to the active management of participant expectations, through to the successful generation of leads and visibility from each event. Our scope of works include but not limited to planning and managing driving events and overall hospitality, booking and managing driving consultants/driving instructors, managing an event invitation and response process, managing the dressing of an event location and direct liaison with named dealers. Bentley and Concepts jointly work and contribute to the creation and execution of a "wow'' effect throughout the event! June 212. Bentley Driving events 2012 take place over 3 months from June to August 2012 in 5 major locations in China. The Ordos V8 Drive in June 2012 signatures the successful beginning of this series of events.